Richard Stoddard

Performing Arts Books

3441 West Queen Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19129

(212) 598-9421


Specialists in out-of-print books, ephemera, autographs, original scenic and costume designs, and other collectibles relating to the performing arts.

By mail, email, phone, and appointment.


This website does not offer individual items from our inventory. Many of them are listed on Abebooks.com here. To review them, go to the Abebooks website, click on "Booksellers," enter "Richard Stoddard" in the "Search by Name/Location" box, and click on our name. Then you may search for specific titles or browse categories such as "Musical Theatre" or "Movies." By clicking "list this seller's books," you will see descriptions of all the items we have listed on Abebooks.

This is only a selection from our stock. If you have particular requests (a title or a subject of interest), please let us know by email, regular mail, or phone.

In addition to his work as an antiquarian bookseller, Richard Stoddard (Ph.D., Department of Theatre History, Yale University, 1971) is a professional appraiser with 35 years' experience appraising performing arts materials for tax, estate, and insurance purposes. Inquiries invited.